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Posted on Jul 17, 2020

The Rising

Human Less Hiring using AI-ML

Let's assume a situation where you see an engaging post on social media and you gets redirected to the website while reading through the post and suddenly a chat message pops up and some Jacqueline or Rajat starts communicating with you, greeting you and engaging with you and in few seconds you start applying to jobs and start taking the online assessment and finally you receive the offer letter.
In the entire process, you have no communication with the human, of course, you have but with the bot, AI and ML have been implied from the start to the end, programmatic job advertising is used to attract the right candidate on the right channel, an NLP based chatbot is used to engage with you, your assessment is done with multiple checks of problem-solving skills, culture fitment questions through the use of smart predictive analytics algorithms and techniques like facial recognition are being used very frequently these days.

One of the platform Tengai, the robot developed by a Swedish startup is used for face to face interviews where it is claimed that the process is 4x faster and provides a better-unbiased assessment
The next time you walk into an interview and you are greeted by a robot. Don’t panic! Rather stay calm. Put on a warm smile and greet back. Remember. You are undergoing a detailed assessment by an AI-driven tool. GOOD LUCK
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